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These toys were based on the Foden trucks of the day, its no coincidence as the Foden factory was just down the road and Maurice, prior to embarking on his toy making enterprise, actually worked there.The lorries carried a pressed metal radiator to the front of the cab and were also easily identifiable by means of their green Shackleton name badge which was applied to the rear of the cab.Above is a typical advertisement of the day for Shackleton Foden models which were placed in publications such as Meccano Mgazine etc.Interesting to note that the retailer must have placed the original advertisement as it is their name that appears with no mention of the manufacturer !Did they think that the S21 looked nothing like a conventional lorry ?or perhapse some wag though that head on it did resemble the cartoon character ?

Not certain how the ‘Mickey Mouse’ name came about, the names that last tend to stick often come from the drivers of the vehicles themselves.

whatever it was the S21 which re-emerged as a ‘Shackleton’ model sometime in the 1990′s.

The S21 Mickey Mouse cabbed platform lorry was produced as a limited edition reproduction ‘Shackleton’ model in the late ’90′s by Frank Hardern using original tooling and dies.

Each scale model came housed in a lift-off lidded card box.

No one can doubt that the Foden diecast lorries produced by Shackleton were of high quality.

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